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About ShriRadhaKrishan

Pujya Gurudev Shri Rasik Bihari Vibhuji Maharaj is a great mentor, Guru , Acharya, having unique divine grace in explaining spiritualism, yoga, Samkhya, astrology, contemporary life philosophy. Pujya Gurudev Ishwar Kripa Vibhushit is the only Shrimad Bhagwat story speaker, who begins to see the pastimes of God before the melody of discourse. Visiting extensively throughout India, Pujya Gurudev has attacked superstition and hypocrisy by addressing a large number of listeners. After completing his studies at Gurukulam and later university, Pujyagurudev has learned about his pre-existing birth by residing in Uttarkashi division in the Himalayas, adopting meditation and yoga. He felt his present life very close to the divine power and has devoted his life to propagation of religion and world welfare, human awakening and enlightenment. Pujya Gurudev dedicated to the divine knowledge that he himself received from God to his beloved mankind. He reached the real meaning of life and time. He spoken widely on 

Jeevan Anandotsav

  1. self interview 
  2.  Yoga and Health
  3. Astrology and Life
  4. Vastu and vitality
  5.  Nature, Religion and Life 
  6. Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha- Bhagavata Current Life and Religion
  7. Life management - positivity
  8. Happiness with devotion
  9. Intellectual consciousness and dietary relationship
  10.  Soul and divine relationship-Gita
  11. Educational life and positivity